by Lucky Shirt

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released June 15, 2016

len tetta - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, sequencing
mastered by joseph rasbold
thanks to jessie trujillo for cover photo



all rights reserved


Lucky Shirt Boston, Massachusetts

my name is len tetta and these are songs i write

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Track Name: square
i am a square in a circle
watching the world out my window
feel like going home
when all the people i know
ask me what's on my mind
it's raining hard in here
when i wake up
told them to go away

why can't you tell me what's on my face
why can't i see it on my own

i am a square and why can't you tell me
i am a boat on a river
i float away as i shiver

i am your face when it's dark
and the bandages come off
when you wake up
i'll be so far away

i am a bug in the jungle
too far away from the sun
i am a circle
Track Name: ink
why did you look away from him?
leave the ink there on his skin
leave yourself there in his head
he'll forget you when he's dead
never thought you'd be like this
gravity won't let you win
thought you'd like it when he said
that he'd rather forget

wait for me when i get back
you'll figure out that i am just an act
wave goodbye on your own time
take a picture so i know you're more than my mind confined

"why did you look away from me
leave a sign that i can see
follow you back down to earth
promise you i'd make it
worth it"
Track Name: insight
i don't understand you
i never will

go back out
Track Name: man
run faster man
outlast her man
run past her man
i'll be

street crossing man
turn tossing man
not sleeping man
not eating man
i'll be

"will he calm down?
watch him spin and spin around
turning bright blue
and now he's looking for you"

have no reason to stay
i can run and run away
i am never afraid
i can run and run and run away

turn off the blue light
turn off the blue
Track Name: jim
look at me
keep looking
i have to warn you
so you know
you won't be happy

look at you
you are dying
you are imploding
at your desk
i wish you'd leave me here
Track Name: unhealth
why am i
why am i so
why are you so unlike

why is this
such a bad dream
where i couldn't say i

never blinking
never blinking my eyes
"are you back?"
when there's so much to see outside

on the train
on the train tracks
on the road to from home
coming back
coming back pain
coming into my

"are you back?"

on your back
are you back?
Track Name: shark
i can feel it eating me alive
crawling up the inside of my spine

shallow on the shoreline

i can feel it eating my alive
see you when we're on the other side
Track Name: sample
it seems like it's too late for him
it seems like he's finally gonna go too far
it seems like it's time for us to let it go
cause he'll do what he wants

i hope he sees a doctor soon
i hope he gets out of his bed today
and gets all the extra skin off of his face
and always miss the thoughts he erased

it seems like it's time for me to let them go
and they'll do what they want
Track Name: pam
sit right here if you like
i could talk the whole night
if you don't mind my tired eyes

empty seat next to me
don't think twice if you leave
just say goodbye so i can breathe

if i could see the things in front of me
maybe i'd be all that you need
and all the time i wasted in my head
i never said what i really mean

nothing ever ever goes backwards
only turns around

so i'll head home alone
shake and shiver by the phone
the moon is just another stone
Track Name: care
when the waiting waves are calling you
don't be afraid
when you've had enough and want to be alone
i'll go away

just let me know
so i can do what you want me to
and let it go

when you're looking down on boylston
wishing you were there
come back down from the 160 roof
i will still care

about you